Comprehensive Architecture and Design Service in the Greater Montreal Area

Construction Précellence Transforms Your Ideas into Reality

The vast majority of homeowners consider the appearance of the house and the comfort that it provides them with to be important. Construction Précellence prioritizes the expression of the style of the occupants of a home and their personalities. Our team works with you through every step of the design and planning in order to deliver a project that is perfectly suited to your needs, your expectations, your desires and your budget.

Construction Précellence Ensures the Following:

  • The proposed architecture will be in harmony with the existing structures, taking into consideration your vision for the project
  • The design of your spaces will maximize the utilization of the rooms in your home and provide improved comfort and functionality
  • The architecture and design of your project will be in harmony with the existing structure of your home
  • Creativity and imagination will be an integral part of the entire process, resulting in economical, practical and attractive solutions
  • Construction Précellence’s technical expertise and experience in carrying out the work will contribute to the successful completion of your project
  • The mechanical aspects, such a plumbing, electricity, heating, ventilation and air conditioning will be taken into consideration during the planning phase of the project
  • Your preferences in terms of products and accessories will be properly integrated into the project
  • Your desired budget will be taken into consideration during the planning phase of the project
  • Your specific needs, along with the preservation of architectural elements and panoramic views, will be respected, as applicable
  • The ecological aspect will be taken into consideration during the planning phase of the project
  • The proposed architecture and layouts for your project will comply with industry standards and the requirements of the building code
  • The proposed work will respect municipal by-laws, and a permit request service will be made available to you*
  • Your questions and concerns will be answered

NOTE: The contract for the planning (plans, specifications, etc.) and design phase of the project is separate from the contract for the execution of the work. The team at Construction Précellence will do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied with our work and that you will trust us to continue with the execution of the work.

*Certain conditions apply.