The Progress of Your Project

Construction Précellence: The Process

We have developed a process to ensure the effective and progressive planning of your project. Thanks to this process, along with close cooperation between you and our team, we can help to you create the project of your dreams.

At Construction Précellence, we start by identifying the reasons and decisions that led you to embark on a renovation project, and then add our knowledge of architecture and design and our technical expertise, or in other words, the elements upon which we have built and continue to build our reputation.

Overview of the Steps

1. First Contact
You can contact us by telephone or by e-mail. During the contact, our friendly receptionist will ask you for more information in order to create a reference file.

2. Second Contact and Call
We will contact you in order to discuss your project and the steps to follow in order to bring it to fruition. You are sure to have questions, which we will be delighted to answer, and we will arrange for an appointment.

3. First Meeting
The first meeting may take place at your home or at our offices. We will provide you with more detailed information concerning your project and the available services. If you are fully satisfied, we can sign a contract for the planning phase (plans and specifications) of your project. This contract is separate from the contract for the execution of the work.

4. Planning Phase, Main Steps:

  • Verification of applicable by-laws (if applicable)
  • Identification (plans) of layout options
  • Specifications for the work
  • Preliminary research and preselection of the products and accessories
  • Preparation of the costs for execution of the work
  • Work schedule

5. Signing the Contract for Execution of the Work
The date for the beginning of the work will be confirmed, and preparations for the construction site can begin.

6. Execution Phase
Execution of the work.

7. Completion of the Work
Delivery of your project.

Information Documents

Whether you project is small or very large, you will receive a document that is unique to Construction Précellence for each phase (planning, execution, delivery), explaining the execution of the current phase in detail. The purpose of this is to maximize the effectiveness of every necessary action.

You may find the following expert advice helpful: