Cost of Renovating a Kitchen in the Greater Montreal Area

A Complete Kitchen Renovation Includes the Following:

  • Complete or near complete stripping of the walls, ceiling and floors
  • Electrical rewiring
  • New floor covering
  • New cabinets and counter, ceramic tile backsplash, etc.

Costs begin at approximately $30,000 (more or less 100 sf or 10" by 10"), with an average of approximately $40,000 (more or less 140 sf or 10" by 14").


Kitchen renovations for rental units are not taken into consideration in the budgets mentioned above. The costs are usually lower for these types of projects.

Elements That May Affect the Cost of Construction:

  • Expansion and/or replacement of an opening (door, window)
  • Choice of cabinet doors
  • Choice of counter
  • Shelving accessories
  • Demolition and/or modification of existing walls (load-bearing or not)
  • Replacement of the electrical panel or entries
  • Heated floor
  • Access to the worksite
  • Age of the building
  • Choice of finishing materials
  • Opening to another room
  • Size of the room